What is K28?

  • You have little time !
  • Want to know God better and more personal !
  • You love to overcome this adventure with others !

The following questions occur to you familiar?

  • How can I grow in faith? 
  • With whom can I get to know God better, of whom the Bible speaks?
  • How can I put in practice what I have learned?
  • I barely have time, so how can I make a discipleship training school?

K28 is a discipleship training school specifically for people like you. Theory and practice alternate regularly. After the lecture phase, we go a whole weekend on outreach. K28 is a discipleship training school, once a month on a Saturday for those who have little or no time during the week.

You want to know, when the next K28 does start?

Take a look in our calendar and see when the next training is. To apply or for more information you can contact us.

Topics include: Holy Spirit, evangelism, the Father's heart, identity, worship, the Bible, why Jesus ?, relationships, church planting ...

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