How can I help financially?

The work of YWAM is partly funded by donations from individuals and churches / groups. This is not the only source of income, but it plays an important role.

One of our core values indicates: YwaM is called to live a life of dependence on God, in terms of financial power. For individuals and YWAM total this supply comes mainly by children of God. In the same manner as God and others are generous towards us, we also want to be generous. The people of YwaM give their time and gifts and talents to God, without any compensation from the organization.

Donations that come from Germany and other EU countries, are tax deductible. (YwaM is recognized as profit association)

Donations can be transferred to the following address:

IBAN: DE12 6426 1853 0060 4900 04
Reference number: 31715, Mission-Range (mentioning required)

If you want to transfer directly through PayPal click the "donate now" button.

Philippians 4,17

"17 Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account."


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